Cigars for the Superbowl

Today is the superbowl and like any big sporting event, you should be considering some  victory smokes.  Or in some cases, those consolation smokes to cheer you up after a game that promises to be action packed.  A special day like today means a special smoke. I’d suggest kicking it off with one of the more sought after cigars a Arturo Fuente Opus X.  The perfection is a medium to full flavored cigar that’s very smooth on the palate.

A great runner up is the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story – great for the halftime at 4×49 in a perfecto shape with a mild-medium bodied smoke with a golden cameroon wrapper.  This is a great smoke if you’re running out to finish up your grilling especially if the temperature outside isn’t great.

Remember lighting shorter cigars during the game, please, don’t try to light your stogie on the grill!

Beer Tip: If you’re going to have beer and cigars, the more flavorful your beer the better the pairing. Of course everyone loves a nice cheapie session beer for the game, but have some quality stuff on hand as well.


What are some of your favorites for the big game that you like? Comment below and let us know.



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