The Squire and Paypal

The Squire and Paypal

Hey guys, just a quick note, PayPal has decided that we sell tobacco online.  Who would have guessed?  But in doing so they require that we have a lawyer write a legal briefing that we can, in fact sell tobacco in the great state of Mississippi and we conform to all laws and regulations within.  Additionally, we have to prove that we’re collecting taxes and verifying that you’re 18, basically all the things we’ve always done and continue to do.  Oh and we have to send them a legal briefing every year on the dot if we want to continue to use PayPal.

While we love the convenience of PayPal the fact they locked our account with no warning has prompted us to switch payment processors for the foreseeable future. is a secure payment gateway that we used previously and complies to all PCI standards.  While we don’t have to have an SSL certificate on this website to use them (it happens on their site) to process payments we went ahead and got an SSL cert because we take security seriously around here.

What does this mean for me? I want my tobacco!

Really it shouldn’t impact you at all. You check out as you always would and put in your credit card information on the secure payment gateway like you always do.  It’s just not paypal as the gateway right now, it’s

If you paid by using your PayPal account, sorry that has changed, and until we resolve the issue with PayPal you will need to pay using a bank or credit card.

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