Looking for Some Apple Flavor: County Seat Tobacco

Looking for Some Apple Flavor: County Seat Tobacco

Apple blends that don’t burn your tongue are hard to come by.  They must have a good balance of cavendish and not be overly goopy on syrup.
When I review tobacco I utilize a multitude of pipes from meerschaum to morta to briar to make sure I get a healthy sampling from every flavor profile available.
Apple tobaccos seem to be very hit or miss, people either love them or hate them.   Also, many people have reviewed apple flavored tobaccos that talk about expecting heavily cased apple goodness only to find milder notes.  Unfortunately, if you’re expecting County Seat to be apple forward, you’re out of luck.  The Country Squire went with the balanced approach, which is most likely why you don’t get hit with burnt tongue syndrome (BTS).

It comprised of steamed cavendish and lightly cased yellow and mature Virginias. Jon David was going for a red delicious apple and it took 6 variations and multiple mixtures or tries to get it right for his tastes.  I actually got a bit of apple jolly rancher when tasting this.

When looking at reviewing a great tool to use is the pipetool.com as it is based off the NASPC Pipe Tobacco Rating Form.  So below is my summation with full notes.  1-5 ratings 1 being low and 5 being high.

The Country Squire Tobacconist
Blend * County Seat (Sweet Apple)
Blend Type* Aromatic
Contents* Cavendish, Virginia, Burley.
Flavoring* Apple, Floral Essences, Fruit / Citrus.
Source* The Country Squire Sample
Cut Ribbon
Age of Tobacco 1 month
Weather on day Sunny, 75 degrees
Review Date* 2017-04-12
Pipe Used Generic Meerschaum Carved Sultan
Model Carved Sultan
Shape Carved (Meer)
Height of Bowl None
Power or Intensity 1
Depth 2
Balance of Flavors 4
Strength 1
Finesse 3
Richness 1
Sweetness 4
Pleasant Fruit 4
Pleasant Spice 1
Pleasant Umami 1
High Point of Bowl 3
Low Point of Bowl 2
Burns Cool 4
Sufficiently Dry 4
Tin Aroma 5
Sidestream Aroma 3
Room Note 4



Overall I give it a 4/5

What did you think? Comment below if you’ve tried this.

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  • C W Swanson
    Posted at 20:06h, 30 April

    Yep, a very mild to almost non existent apple flavor, yet still a fine, satisfying smoke. Smooth. No bite at all. I’m enjoying my sample.