Davorin Denovic is a Master Pipe Carver and is the world’s foremost expert when it comes to Morta Pipes. Davorin lives in Croatia and has been carving pipes for more than 20 year, and smoking pipes for more than 35. Davorin began working in briar,mostly from the Adriatic coast, and then began working in olive and morta.

Morta, also known as “bog wood”, is a material from trees that has ben buried in peat bogs, located in Croatia and preserved from decay by the acidic and anaerobic bog conditions for thousands of years. Think of something akin to petrified wood.

Morta smokes similarly to Meerschaum in that it provides an exceptionally neutral taste, allowing the smoker to experience solely the tobacco. The advantage with morta, however, is its durability–a luxury not seen in Meerschaum pipes. Owning a Davorin Denovic morta pipe is a necessity for advanced smokers and collectors.

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