Delta Honeydew (Lightly-topped Virginia mixture)

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Much like Mississippi, Delta Honeydew is complex, mysterious, and offers a few surprises.  This Virginia-forward tobacco has the subtlety of high grade yellow leaf, while combining it with a small kiss of fruit topping.  Additionally featuring the allure of various small-batch condimental tobaccos, Delta Honeydew is a blend that you’ll find yourself reaching for often, but won’t always know why!



Delta Honeydew (Lightly-topped Virginia mixture)

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4 reviews for Delta Honeydew (Lightly-topped Virginia mixture)

  1. Jay Hays

    I mistook the description of Delta Honeydew to mean that it was a feeble attempt at replicating an overtopped virginia tobacco that sells in red-and-yellow tins. In fact, I bought an ounce just to be polite, because I promised a certain tobacconist I’d try it.
    The jar note caught my attention first – so sweet I thought there was a floral component in the top dressing. After a second deep whiff I detected the subtle genius of this blend. This stuff is very well executed, with the topping and the condimental tobacco both contributing to the wonderful aroma.
    Some aromatics dry out as you smoke, and the top note disappears at some point. Not so with Delta Honeydew. This is a great aromatic that holds on to its charm through the end of the bowl.
    This is a definite home run. If you enjoy virginia-forward aromatics, Delta Honeydew is a treat.

  2. Drew

    As someone who pilgrimages to the Squire once a year to restock on some favorites and sample what’s new, I have had a wide range of the offerings at the Squire. After about 5 bowls of this, I can say this may be my favorite of all the aromatics I’ve had there. Subtle, sweet, and Virginia-forward, this tobacco does it all for me.

  3. Joey K (verified owner)

    This is my Favorite ; a keeper ! This aromatic burns perfectly. I smoked this in a variety of pipes , with NO ISSUES or TOUNGE BITE. I strongly recommend this blend .This tobacco is absolutely pleasant…. from the pouch to its room note . Delta Honey Dew really brings its Virginia tobacco first and then introduces a pleasant fruit taste . Enjoy a bowl anytime of the day.

  4. chamberlaindavidd (verified owner)

    This one isn’t for me. Unlike most squire blends it arrived ready to smoke at a great moisture and it is obviously made with quality ingredients but I found it rather hot to smoke which could be avoided in the right pipe and at the right speed but for me the flavoring and the tobacco not only don’t compliment each other they seem to spend the entire bowl fighting it out. Each trying to over power the other resulting in both being muted with a strange ever changing flavor profile that felt chaotic and lacking on my palate.

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