Green Dragon (Virginias)

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A blend of ripe air-cured and rich flue-cured Virginia tobaccos, smooth and easy to smoke. The richness of the blend is accented by noticeable grass, hay, and natural sugars. A treat for your pallet and your companions!


Green Dragon (Virginias)

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18 reviews for Green Dragon (Virginias)

  1. Joel Clyde

    This smokes just like Orlik’s Golden Sliced, only it is much richer. More flavor,and better body, If you like Golden Sliced, you will fall in love with Green Dragon.

  2. Colton Yarbro (verified owner)

    I have been smoking a pipe for just over a year now, and after much trial and error I have discovered that I am a Virginia lover. Green Dragon checks all the boxes for me. If you love Virginia’s the.n this blend is a no brained.

  3. Justinjaredjoyner (verified owner)

    Here I sit in my backyard enjoying my first non-Aromatic! While my neighbors are hacking their lungs out on cannibis, I’m chasing my own green—- Green Dragon, that is!

    For the past hour, I’ve enjoyed it mellow strength with its grassy, peppery notes and a tad of sweetness. Good for the morning, I think— but the smoothness would be good anytime of the day.

    If you’re nervous about trying your first non-aromatic, I recommend you buy an ounce of this and savor its honest-to-goodness qualities.

  4. Sean Fulghum (verified owner)

    The Dragon is …….I cannot even put into words how wonderful this baccy is. The simple yet exploding taste upon every sip. The smooth cool clouds of ecstasy that escapes your mouth. All I know is that I’m in love with the Green Dragon.

  5. James Cloiugh (verified owner)

    First time smoking a strictly Virginia blend ( that I can recall) this seems a gentle smoke with some sweetness , bur not a wet tobacco at all … I have always enjoyed Virginia’s in blends but this has encouraged me to try more straight Virginia blends . Good Jon David!

  6. Charles Clark

    Still new to the trade, but out of all the Middle-Earth samplers, this one was a miss for me. I found that it burned too fast and too hot. The notes of hay were okay, but it just didn’t work for me. I’m not saying that it’s a bad blend or anything, but it’s just not a blend for me. Now Old Toby on the other hand 🙂

  7. Nathan Murton (verified owner)

    Undoubtedly this is a top-notch VA. I’m mostly an English smoker, but JDC has put together one of the richest and most rewarding VA blend out on the market. It holds its own with authority against other mass produced tins that I’ve tried. At first open of the bag, I was almost certain that this is an aromatic, but that is not the case here. It is some natural sweetness that does not bite and delights the mind. JDC, Brother, this is a jewel of a blend!

  8. Chris Z

    This is by far my favorite tobacco of all time. This is probably blasphemous, but I really enjoy this blend out of a vape more often than out of a pipe.

  9. Randy Micallef (verified owner)

    Reminiscent of Orlik Golden sliced (a personal favorite) Similar but different enough to keep me going back for more. Subtle sweetness with a hint of citrus and a peppery snap on the back end. This is a winner for me and I’ll definitely be ordering in bulk.

  10. cwhite (verified owner)

    For a complete noob to pipe smoking the Green Dragon immediately struck the right chord on my taste buds and had me looking for the whole hoard. Having sampled the Old Toby and Rivendell thus far, and immediately fallen in love with them, I decided to try this Virginia on the recommendation of a friend. As soon as the first puff of pure tangy spicy citrus hit my tongue I knew this was for me. I’m excited to see how this perfect blend unravels in my other pipes and as my palette matures on my newfound hobby. I’ve tried several of the “go-to” recommendations of some of the Virginia aficionados in my circle, and found them lacking when compared to the Green Dragon. Yes sir, you can toss the lot of the rest, it’s the Dragon for me from now on!

    If I wasn’t a pipe smoker before hand, I would be now solely for this blend. Well done, and hearty huzzah!

  11. Noah Richardson

    Well, after finishing spilting and stacking firewood I was ready for a break. So naturally I wanted to head out the Pub, The Green Dragon.
    I found it to be nutty, lemony, and a pure delight.

  12. blaggbrooks (verified owner)

    It smells so sweet to not be an aromatic. It tastes amazing and my girlfriend said it smells nice. My new favorite.

  13. James H.

    I roll my own cigarettes. I bought 2 ounces of Green Dragon from Spring Street Cigars in Tupelo. This stuff makes the best cigarettes. Don’t roll it too tight. Hold your tongue up right behind the filter, and the tangy sweetness and will make your mouth water.

  14. gpgarrison (verified owner)

    This stuff is simply delightful. I’ve been trying to find non-aromatic blends that I like but I haven’t had much luck. Just like Cowboy Coffee, this blend has opened up a whole new world of tobaccos for me. So far The Country Squire is batting a thousand.

  15. Gerald Stephenson

    I know it’s called green dragon but this is what I have always imagined long bottom leaf would smoke like.

  16. codyburk7 (verified owner)

    This stuff is tangy, sweet and grassy. It’s one the best smokes I’ve had. I’ll definitely be ordering more. It has gone to the top of my list. If I could smoke this every day with a cup of coffee I would be a happy man.

  17. edufurniture (verified owner)

    sweet green smoke. tangy, sweet and sour green hay. burns hot and fast. perfect daytime running around smoke.

  18. Dimitri (verified owner)

    The Green Dragon!!! I smoked a bowl from my son and fell in love with it!!! I like the natural sweetness and the hay flavors. I’m trying to cellar some, but it’s difficult sometimes for me. Well…I guess I need to order another pound!!!

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