Kingsfoil (Virginia-Kentucky)

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Our latest addition to our Tolkien-inspired lineup!


Kingsfoil is a medium-full Virginia-Kentucky mixture with the natural sweetness you expect from yellow Virginias and the rich, smokiness characteristic of dark fire-cured leaf.  This tobacco burns clean, and will have you stompin’ your feet, hobbit-style!



Kingsfoil (Virginia-Kentucky)

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14 reviews for Kingsfoil (Virginia-Kentucky)

  1. Christopher Deere (verified owner)

    This is an interesting blend. Bit different than what I am used to, likely the dark fired. It is bold and lingers well after it is smoked. If you like a good savory flavor you will like this one..

  2. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Tobacco Jesus with the win once again. After trying a couple other house blends, this one stands out the most to me. Well done gentleman!

  3. Michael Troiber (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful tobacco. The aroma is sweet with notes of caramel and deep smokiness. I’ve had about 8 bowls of this, and the best way i can describe this is smoked caramel. The sweetness of the Virginia’s comes through but they are tempered nicely by the dark fired Kentucky. Lately I’ve found that when i’m reaching for my pipe i’m reaching for this as well. I can say that I will be ordering more of this I think it would cellar very nicely. Well done Gents.

  4. Jack (verified owner)

    A great flavorful smoke! The blend is very straight forward and it’s easy to take a puff and get the Virginia, another puff and get the Kentucky. Rich, earthy, and spicey. I ordered a pound immediately after I tried it. Superb! Well done again Country Squire!

  5. John T (verified owner)

    Really interesting and complex smoke. I bought two different blends to try out and found myself going back to this one over and over instead of opening the second bag. Definitely going on my list of house blends to rebuy.

  6. Karl Schmid

    This is an interesting blend. The bright yellow Virginia is grassy with citrus/sweet tones. I don’t see any Red Virginia in the blend, but I seem to get a darker, toasty flavor as well. I don’t believe this is from the Kentucky, but it might be. I like Kentucky a lot and there is just enough to add character and some boldness to the blend. The retro-hale leaves a touch of fruity and floral essence, which I believe is more from the Kentucky than the Virginia. The Kentucky does not over power the Virginia at all. The blend isn’t harsh at all. Burns to a fine ash all the way down the bowl. No bite. This can be an all day smoke.

  7. Joey K. (verified owner)

    Kings Foil is a blend tremendously a mirror image of Delta Honey Dew. I was able to make this comparison as I purchased a variety of blends to find a daily , smoke. It is really close maybe with a mild trace of difference. Bag note and room aroma are basically the same.

  8. chadjohnson (verified owner)

    For me this is a wonderful blend, others can do better describing the flavor notes you will find. What I will say is this is a treat for the taste buds, my suggestion is just to get it over with and order twice what you think. You’ll save the shipping when you have to turn around and place on other order days after your first arrived (Smokes cool, a pleasant room note, a rich flavor)

  9. Noah Richardson

    I only got one note of the nutty?

    One predominate thought struck me , this is like eating a high quality sugar cookie.

  10. Steve S. (verified owner)

    Very nice blend, not too complex rich and delicious. I’ll be ordering more soon.

  11. napotnik

    What a great and enjoyable find. The flavor tastes like the best cigar I’ve had and the room note is mild, but rich. I love the biscuits and nuttiness. One commenter said sugar cookies and I agree! I kind of get the kingsfoil reference, but think The Squire should tell the story a little more.

  12. Spelt

    So, I live up here in the Dark Fired Capitol of the world. This is well done. I am a huge dark fired fan and this is a lighter alternative. The tobacco up here is getting ready to be harvested, and I can’t wait til the barns are smoking. If you’ve never been for a ride in the country while the barns are smoking , you’re missing out. This will give you a hint of the sheer joy you’ll experience with the window of your 1993 F150 rolled down and cruising on the back roads!

  13. zention5 (verified owner)

    “Tin note” was almost hoppie like a beer. Tobacco was a bit more to the dry side of moisture content but burned nicely. I’ll be adding this to my regular rotation and I’ll be pairing it with my favorite beer, Kilt lifter.

  14. atrus72

    Aired out a bit before packing. Smoked in a MM Cobbit Shire. To me flavor was like a “redhot” candy but with extra sugar if smoked very gentle.

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