LeFleur’s Bluff (Virginia-Perique)

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LeFleur’s Bluff is the name of a historic village in central Mississippi on the banks of the Pearl River.  Named for Louis LeFleur, a French Canadian trader, the community – which was little more than a trading post – eventually grew into what became the City of Jackson – capital of our state and home of The Country Squire.  We offer this Virginia-Perique in honor of our home, and with the hopes that it will bring you much smoking pleasure.

A variety of choice red and matured Virginia tobaccos are combined with a generous portion of spicy St. James perique from the bayous of Louisiana.  These tobaccos are hand-blended and then carefully pressed for several days to achieve optimal smoking consistency and flavor.  The cake is then hand-rubbed into a mélange that loads easily, burns cool, and is kind to the mouth.


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LeFleur’s Bluff (Virginia-Perique)

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4 reviews for LeFleur’s Bluff (Virginia-Perique)

  1. Mantis_Shankman (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised with this blend. I love Vapers, but sometimes on a cool evening after a hearty meal I need a little more Perique. This blend compares to C&D Cajun Cake. Perique heavy, nicotine heavy, and pleasantly sweet. Great stuff.

  2. Jay Hays

    I’ve been bugging Jon David for a VaPer ever since “Pirate’s Alley” disappeared with the end of McClelland. Finally!
    In interests of fair play I only bought six ounces. That’s all the fair play I can summon, and that’s fair warning and all you’ll get from me. Skip over it at your peril!
    Now then: this blend – even fresh out of the bag as it was last night – is an outstanding contribution to the world of VaPers for lovers of red virginias or perique, or both. This isn’t a grassy bright Virginia; this is full of dark fruits with a little baked bread. More merlot than chardonnay – not that there’s any of the alcohol you get from a spirited aromatic, mind you, just trying to describe which part of the palate these virginias hit.
    The perique is blended nearly perfectly, although I must confess I’m a perique hound. There’s not enough for the perique to overshadow the virginias, and I’d happily enjoy a lot more, but there’s a balance here that won’t disappoint. The nearly perfect blend allows the perique to change personalities over the course of the bowl: at the top of the bowl it’s a little white pepper on the tongue and a wonderful sting on the snork, but by the last third of the bowl the white pepper has evolved into an incredible stewed sweetness that only magnifies the already-sweet virginias.
    I don’t have the adjectives or command of language to describe this blend perfectly. If you’re an aromatic smoker with a sweet tooth, this is your chance to try VaPers. If you love The honeyed goodness of PS LNF but don’t like hay all that much, this is your chance to try a step up. If you only smoke Latakia blends but need a dessert smoke, this is your chance to try a wholly different nonaromatic.
    I can’t comment on Vitamin N content. There was plenty enough to keep me satisfied, but your tolerance and susceptibility are unique. I’ve smoked ropes with nary a hiccup and gotten queasy over a bowl of bright virginias, but LeFleur’s Bluff was perfect after a good meal.

  3. Jacob Michelson (verified owner)

    One of the best balanced VaPers for my taste that I’ve found. Not a bright Virginia flavor, but a deeper mature Virginia taste. There’s sweetness, but not what I would consider distracting. I tend to favor deeper, darker, tobacco tasting blends and find that most blends that lead with strong sweet flavor are not for me. The second half of the bowl with this blend is simply superb! I agree with Jay’s assessment compared to PS400 LNF – this blend is a great step up if you (like me) don’t necessarily like the hay/bright flavors of other VaPers. I find this to be stronger and/or deeper in flavor than Elizabethan, but just as smooth and close to what people call “all day smoke” since it really doesn’t wear you down. Don’t go too fast, but I found this to be a very well behaved blend that tolerated both slow sipping as well as a little faster pace. This was great for me to find, because I sometimes find myself trying to pull a little more flavor out of blends like Elizabethan, whereas here I did not need to at all. Will be buying more, and hoping that this one doesn’t disappear. Great job, Country Squire.

  4. Steve Kovalick

    I’m still fairly new to smoking a pipe and enjoying it daily. That said, I have absolutely fallen in love with this blend! It is downright delicious. Ordering more now

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