Mississippi Mane & Co. Mighty Oak Beard Oil


1oz Bottle.


When my father and I would clear brush to open up fields for the fall, we would always be careful and make sure not to cut any oak saplings. He taught me when I was a little boy that these young oaks would one day grow to towering heights and produce lots of acorns for deer and other wildlife. We would prune and trim these oak trees throughout their youth, and I watched many slowly grow into colossal monuments of nature. Mighty Oak’s roots are buried deep within the earthy scents of oakmoss and vetiver while the rich, woodsy warmth of Ho wood and vanilla branch out to help your beard become as mighty as the oak tree.

–Mississippi Mane & Co.


Sweet almond oil, Jojoba oil, Apricot oil, Vitamin E, Essential oils



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Mississippi Mane & Co. Mighty Oak Beard Oil

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