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Rivendell (Nutty, Woody, Cocoa)

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One of our “Middle Earth” Series tobaccos, dedicated to the works of Tolkien.  Rivendell is woodsy and earthy, with the slightest hint of cocoa.  Mildly sweet with a hint of walnut.  Rivendell’s room note turns heads with each puff.

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One of our “Middle Earth” Series tobaccos, dedicated to the works of Tolkien.  Rivendell is woodsy and earthy, with the slightest hint of cocoa.  Mildly sweet with a hint of walnut.  Rivendell’s room note turns heads with each puff.

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Reviews (12)

12 reviews for Rivendell (Nutty, Woody, Cocoa)

  1. Lithaeril

    I absolutely, unoquiviecly, unconditionally love this blend. It carries an amzing aromatic smell all the while maintaining an original tobacco taste. I lost a bag of this tobacco about a year ago and just found it again in my closet. I packed a bowl and it still smokes like a dream. Will buy again

  2. James (verified owner)

    I am enjoying this blend. My daughter says it smells like s’mores when I smoke it.

  3. rgcurrey (verified owner)

    I can’t really do tobacco reviews as I can only tell you what I like and don’t like. That said I really like Rivendell. Sometimes I have a difficult time picking out flavors, however, here I do get the hints of coco and even the walnut when enjoying this tobacco. It is not overpowering and it does not cover up the choice tobaccos used in this blend. It is just perfectly done. It has become my morning commute tobacco for some reason though it sounds good to me anytime of the day. It will be a sad day for me if I ever run out of this (or the White Rose). If you haven’t tied Rivendell yet you need to, you really do.

  4. Christopher Deere

    If you are an aromatic fan, this one is GREAT. Lovely room note that will please any bystanders combined with a good flavor with a hint of spice. Can imagine talking with Elrond while puffing it. Not usually an aromatic smoker, but this one is top notch.

  5. gkg502014 (verified owner)

    OMG!!! This stuff is delicious! I love the taste, and my wife will love the aroma. Thank you!

  6. Derek Jarnagin (verified owner)

    This is one fine tabak! It’s smooth and mellow as you smoke, and I haven’t found anyone who can complain about the room note. Everyone loves the aroma, the flavor is pronounced but so smooth and rich, it’s like sipping cream. The sweetness soothes after a long day without being overpowering.

  7. Justinjaredjoyner (verified owner)

    Dreamy. You get a nutty, cocoa liqueur-like infused, medium thick, decadent smoke. You definitely get a heavenly aroma is s’mores around your face, hands, and clothes… absolutely divine. Sounds odd, but I find myself smelling my hands and upper lip to enjoy the aroma even after I’m all done LOL.

    This is not as wet or sweet as, say, Old Toby. It’s definitely nice as a lightly sweet, heavenly aromatic smoke on a cool spring morning (like today!).

    Bilbo didn’t want go to Rivendell to finish his book— that was a clever ruse— he wanted to smoke the Elves’s tobacco!

  8. Larry BITAR (verified owner)

    I tried all the Middle Earth Blends and this one is by far my favorite!
    Tasty, easy to smoke, not wet, smooth… everything is perfect in this blend !

  9. Larry Bitar (verified owner)

    My favorite Middle Earth blend… Everything is perfect, taste, smoke….

  10. Rusty Shackelford (verified owner)

    This is far and away the best aromatic pipe tobacco I have ever had in twenty years of smoking pipe. The room note is amazing, and it actually tastes like it smells.

    I cannot recommend it enough.

  11. Jerry McNeely (verified owner)

    Like all the rest of the Middle Earth tobacco’s, Rivendell is simply outstanding! The Middle Earth tobacco’s are just about the only aromatics I smoke anymore. I have others but I don’t reach for them. The Country Squire in my humble opinion is the finest tobacco shop in the country!

  12. Tex

    Room note is excellent. Cool thick smoke. Really well done.

    On the subject of room note. If you are a social person, this is a bug deal. People gravitate to the wonderful smell of pipe aromatics. Some more so than. Others.

    I don’t smoke it for anyone’s approval. It’s nice however when you don’t clear the room like firing up your favorite cigar.

    Working my way thru the sampler pack. So far Old Toby is my favorite. Rivendell is my second fav. Will be buying more of both.

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