White Rose (Honey)

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The Wars of the Roses were 15th Century conflicts fought between the Yorks and the Lancasters for control of the throne of England.  Though extinguished with the death of Richard III in 1485, the Yorkist tradition is proud and lives on both in its direct descendants and in the hearts and minds of English romantics.  With White Rose, we honor the House of York.


This soft Burley and Cavendish mixture will be one of the most unique aromatics in your cellar.  The pronounced honey topping at times resembles tea, or even rum.  The sophisticated pipe smoker will immediate appreciate the essence of Lakeland tobacco characteristics, as rosewater is apparent on the exhale.  A sweet, perfumed delight!


White Rose was proudly developed in 2017 to celebrate the 200th Episode of Country Squire Radio and was presented to and named for Beau York, our dear friend.  All profits from the sale of White Rose go directly to making Country Squire Radio happen each week.  As of June 2017, Country Squire Radio is the #1 rated pipe-smoking podcast in the world.  The show is now at the core of an international pipe club which gives smokers across the globe a chance to celebrate the hobby together weekly.


White Rose (Honey)

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15 reviews for White Rose (Honey)

  1. trapperhoney08 (verified owner)

    The description of this tobacco sounded intriguing so I just had to order a sample. I smoked some this morning and it is delightful! Such a gentle smoke, softly floral scented, not perfumey at all. It is the perfect mix of a mellow tobacco with a hint of rose. I see myself smoking quite a bit of this lovely blend!

  2. Matt Trebing (verified owner)

    This my first real tobacco and my only question is, “Why didn’t I order this sooner?!”

    I don’t smoke in the house but I sure wish I did. The honey flavor on the inhale is wonderful and you really can taste rose water on the exhale. The aroma is pleasant and, I imagine, creates a great room note.

  3. WH Jeffries (verified owner)

    I ordered two ounces of White Rose about 6 weeks ago after hearing JD and Beau mention it on the podcast. Trust me, I was not disappointed. It is a very smooth smoke that I can smoke multiple times a day with no issue. It has a very light a pleasant smell with a good room note.
    I enjoyed so much, that I ordered 4 more ounces and just received it this week in the mail.

  4. Ryland Brown (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! It’s a unique blend that does not disappoint. They honey note comes through clearly without being overpowering. A warm room note that makes me glad to be a pipe smoker.

  5. Dick Currey (verified owner)

    I ordered 4oz of this, Rivendell and Parson’s Blend. My only mistake was not ordering way more of White Rose, but, live and learn. It is not that the other two are not good tobaccos (particularly Rivendell), it is just that this one is so spectacular. I am smoking through this White Rose like wild fire and will be ordering more soon, a lot more!

  6. Jay Hays

    I spent fifteen years chasing camels through the barren desert of ciggies before returning to the pipe. In my experience both pre- and post-cigarette I’ve valued variety in my pipe tobacco, except for burley-heavy mixtures and lakelands; burley tends to be bitter to my palate, and floral essences remind me of smoking cheap shaving cream.
    Curiosity and a conversation between friends on a piping forum made me reconsider White Rose, and I am amazed. It’s a bit sticky on filling the pipe but from first light forward it is simply unique. I taste graham crackers in the first third of the bowl with the floral essence readily available on the retro-hale. The remainder of the pipe reminds me of a good black tea that steadily strengthens as the smoke continues. The rosewater becomes brighter as well, until it finally comes to shine with the burley and honey.
    One of the best aromatics I’ve tasted, ever. Filled with sweet, nutty, creamy, flowery notes that evolve over the bowl and keep your attention while engaging a huge swath of the palate. More, please.

  7. Joel Brothers (verified owner)

    I can’t think of when I have been more impressed by a tobacco blend, except maybe when I tried Old Toby. Light, pleasantly sweet with wonderful notes of honey, floral, and the bearest hint of Lakeland tonquin. This is a fantastic crisp, light smoke. It lights well, is not goopy, absolutely no tongue-bite, and burns all the way with few, if any, re-lights. I’m told the room-note is incredible (I have a hard time distinguishing room-notes while I am smoking because it gets lost in all the flavors…), like a nice light floral air freshener.

    This is one blend every piper needs to try at least once.

  8. Dennis Dahl (verified owner)

    A delight from the start to the finish of the bowl A long quest for a honey aromatic that actually tastes like honey is not only over but surpassed. A lovely blend.

  9. Adam Nordskog (verified owner)

    Love it. To be cellared and guarded.

  10. Charles (verified owner)

    Ive tryed this flavor is superb and ive ordered more to enjoy

  11. CC (verified owner)

    Absolutely delightful! A real honey taste and a floral retrohale. Smells nice out of the jar, in the jar, being smoked, and leaves a brilliant room note. Burns very well (I always leave my tobaccos to dry for about an hour) and has no tongue bite. Very hard to mess up while smoking, you can go fast or slow and have no issues. My biggest negative is how things like 1Q just don’t compare anymore. Never stop making this tobacco!

  12. z.landskron (verified owner)

    First heard about this amazing tobacco when they created it on the country Squire radio podcast. So far it is my favorite! Great quality and smells amazing! Great aromatic!!

  13. Joey K (verified owner)

    White Rose is a heavy blend of honey that really remains within the pipes bowl. Burns really hot and has a substantial tongue bite. The blend starts off has a couple of other squire blends. Room note and bag aroma. I wish it was a keeper however definitely not recommended for high end pipes.

  14. D. M. Wilcox

    As Spring comes to Colorado, I began searching for a lighter tobacco to introduce to my Vauen Empire briar. To me, Spring brings to mind the bloom of flowers and the taste of honey. I ordered some Sutliff Honey from a local tobacconist, as well as White Rose from the Country Squire. While I enjoy the Sutliff Honey, there is something handcrafted and special about the White Rose. If only Jackson, Mississippi were closer, I’d come into the shops and enjoy my pipe in the house of the White Rose! Highly recommended.

  15. gpgarrison (verified owner)

    Absolutely delightful! I can’t get enough of this beautiful blend. It has a nice sweet but mild flavor and the scent is Intoxicating. It has a nice old pipe smell. It reminds me of my childhood. If this is the only tobacco option that I had for the rest of my life, I would be completely satisfied.

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