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  • Missouri Meerschaum

    Lord Morgan

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    Lord Morgan Crumble Kake Special Edition is an Aromatic English blend and not for the faint of heart. This delectable mixture of 65% Cyprian Latakia is carried aloft with Oriental, Virginia, Burley tobaccos and a dash of Perique.

    1.5 oz. tin.

  • Missouri Meerschaum

    Missouri Meerschaum Taste of Temptation

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    An Amaretto Cherry aromatic blend that tempts pipe smokers with its delectable profile. Capture the hearts of pipe smokers everywhere with this seasonal blend.

  • Missouri Meerschaum

    Orchard Mist Limited Edition Crumble Kake Tobacco

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    A select blend of Burley and Virginia tobaccos were aged in a peach brandy barrel for 90 days creating this Orchard Mist Limited-Edition Crumble Kake.

    The tobacco is then pressed and sliced into crumble cakes for the discerning pipe smoker to enjoy.

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