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The 4th Generation Series of Pipes and Tobacco celebrates the Peter Stokkebye family with Erik Michael Stokkebye, the fourth generation of expert tobacconists to work in the business of pipes.   Going back to 1882, when Erik Peter opened his first tobacco shop over 140 years ago.  The 4th generation line of pipes consists of shapes and lines selected and chosen by Erik Stokkebye, with highly respected pipe makers in the field to bring his vision of the past to life today.  The freehand (Frihand) are designed by Erik Stokkebye and crafted by Erik Nording.

“The FFF pipes are in collaboration with myself and Chacom.  The Aargangs are with myself and Peder Neerup.  The 10th Anniversary pipes are hand-crafted by Bruno Nuttens, who has been pipe-making since 2005.  “I met Bruno at the Chicago Pipe Show, and he had come highly recommended by Antoine Gerard from Chacom.  We decided to collaborate on these pipes together,” Said Erik.

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