Mississippi Mane & Co. Butter Balm


Our Butter Balm is the perfect choice to soften and style your face mane, and it can even be used on beardless areas of dry skin! Our formula not only conditions your beard, but it’s particularly formulated to lock in moisture while also acting as a light styling aid. We decided to call it Butter Balm because it contains an amazing, nutritional trifecta of  Shea, Mango, and Cocoa butters. We also use locally sourced Mississippi beeswax to give it a slight styling hold. It has a thicker consistency than our beard oil but not nearly as dense or heavy as a pomade or wax. You will be able to scoop it right out of the tin just like…well…butter! It’s like a leave-in conditioner that really softens your mane and helps manage those beard hairs that seem to have a mind of their own.


Should I choose a Beard Oil or Butter Balm?


Both oil and balm are beneficial for any stage of beard growth, but here’s a little more info on each of their advantages. Our beard oils are especially useful during the first month or two of beard growth. Our Butter Balm has more purpose in the later stages of beard growth. Once you’re past the really itchy, prickly stage of your beard-growing journey, our Butter Balm will help condition and manage your beard leaving it healthier and fuller looking. Our Butter Balms work very well in combination with our beard oils. They can be used together as an effective duo for intensive repair of a dry, crunchy beard or proper maintenance of a currently healthy beard. One way to do this would be to use our beard oil right after showering or washing your face then applying some Butter Balm later as a leave-in conditioning and styling agent throughout the day.



Mississippi Mane & Co. Butter Balm

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