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Nate was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but now resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. Nate began smoking pipes with a good friend. Not having his own pipe, he borrowed one of his. He tried a simple aromatic blend, likely Lane 1Q, but its taste really piqued my interest! Nate then went with my friend to a local ‘smoke shop’ and bought his first pipe kit. Then started buying pipes he liked in lots at antique stores and later from sites on the Internet.

After collecting pipes for a while, I began restoring and selling a few online. The process of restoring these estate pipes sparked a passion for pipe design and inspired me to try making one of my own. I bought a pre-drilled kit from a local shop and started shaping it. Around that time I met another pipe maker, Wayne Teipen, who lives near me. I have spent many hours at his shop, and he has given me invaluable advice about the craft of pipe making. After completing my first pipe, I was hooked! My Inspiration: As a child, I traveled with my parents to IndyCar races. In 1997, I began working in auto racing as a transmission specialist and as an essential part of a pit crew. Precision and attention to detail is of utmost importance in order to succeed in these positions.

In 2007, I decided to change careers after becoming travel weary. Now, I work on aircraft, where precision is still important, but efficiency and sleek design are incorporated in an astounding way. I find their design and the flair they incorporate very inspirational. The style of vintage items, especially those from the 40s and 50s, have a fit and finish that relied heavily on the use of design fundamentals. This foundation allows these designs to remain timeless and relevant today. I enjoy studying the history of these vintage items as well as the newer items they inspired in order to push the limits of my designs. Precision, attention to detail, efficiency, sleek design based on the fundamentals and a passion to learn drives my inspiration in pipe making. I hope you enjoy my work and can take something from it.

In the summer of 2015, Nate joined pipe maker Michael Lindner and others in a joint venture collaborative pipe making cooperative called Briarlab

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