Introducing the Fantasy South

Folks have been wondering what happened to The Squire’s highly acclaimed “fantasy themed” tobaccos that have been enjoyed around the world.  We are going in a fresh direction with this line of tobaccos and are proud to introduce you to Fantasy South, a fantastical and whimsical series of pipe blends to tickle your palate and inspire your imagination!


The recipes of our fantasy tobaccos remain unchanged, but we hope the new, fresh names will make you smile.  In moving the series in this direction, “Fantasy South” will allow our creative and skilled tobacconists more flexibility in developing blends inspired by the wondrous and fanciful around us.  Our desire is to see this theme grow in new, interesting ways, featuring new seasonal rotations as well as regular additions to our stable of Squire tobaccos.


Our best-selling tobacco. Be sure to share with your old friend Toby.

Riverboat Queen
The dell is riven by a great stream that carries you along your journey.

Picayune Pancake
The second you smell it, you’ll know breakfast will never be the same.

George’s Dragon
George may be green, but his step is sure when facing the dragon.

Pilgrim’s Muse
When you reach the tobacco bag’s end, you’ll surely be inspired.

King’s Highway
The King of the realm will not be foiled by the strength of this blend,
as he is a seasoned smoker.


And Just One More Thing!

What once lurked in the mirky wood returns anew this January.  With wild abandon, reckless additions of St. James Perique, and intense pressure create what is now known as Dark Holler.  Mark your calendar (January 3rd) for this highly anticipated yearly release.

Welcome to Fantasy South!

If you have questions about these blends, ingredients, or otherwise, please do not hesitate to drop us a line. Our experienced tobacco professionals will be honored to help you along your path.

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