Shepherd’s Pie (Full English/Oriental)

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Frog Morton, eat your heart out!  A decidedly English-style tobacco that is incredibly kind to the mouth and packed with flavor!  A generous helping of Latakia is accompanied by noticeable Turkish Izmir, ribbon cut Virginias, unflavored black cavendish, and a dash of soft burley.  A complex blend and a non-aromatic treat!


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Shepherd’s Pie (Full English/Oriental)

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38 reviews for Shepherd’s Pie (Full English/Oriental)

  1. Derrick Hill (verified owner)

    This is a great English blend, very smooth and burns well. It has a great flavor and produce a nice thick smoke.
    Don’t pass this one up.
    This was my first CS blend and looking forward to trying the other in my order. I’m positive it will be the same great quality and just as awesome as this one.

  2. jfreedy

    Very nice, English/Oriental blend. It does remind me of the Frog Morton series, at least in flavor. It’s not as chunky as FM (more of a traditional ribbon cut) but tastes great!

  3. Cameron (verified owner)

    The smoothest non-aromatic that I have smoked to date – and without sacrificing any flavor. Great entry to Latakia and English blends in general.

  4. Christopher (verified owner)

    Excellence for those looking to buy this. Highly enjoyable.

  5. Corey Reeder (verified owner)

    Excellent mild English blend!
    It’s leathery (in a good way), exceptionally smooth, cool-burning, earthy, and almost creamy in flavor. You may get a hint of natural sweetness, but it’s a mellow, creamy sort. Very nice flavor with a retrohale. No bite whatsoever. Great ribbon cut that packs easily and burns evenly. The room note and tin note are nice for an English blend, but won’t win you as many friends as Old Toby.
    This is pretty close to Frog Morton if you’re looking for a match.

  6. Joel Clyde (verified owner)

    It doesn’t remind me of Frog Morton, but it is every bit the equal of another of my former favorites….Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River, maybe even better. It is also a lot like Comoy’s Cask #11. Wonderfully creamy and smokey, enough Orientals to give it some spice, without any of the tobaccos being over-the-top. A great all-day smoke. This is now in my permanent rotation.

  7. crowley.affa (verified owner)

    WOW, Why would any one try to compare shepherds pie to the frog? My opinion of shepherds pie stands in a LEAGUE of its own. I finely realized what happen to the frog, He smoked shepherds pie down in his cellar and never looked back. my goodness Mr. Cole you & Crew out did them all on this blend.

  8. Erik P

    Hands-down the best English blend I’ve ever smoked! Since moving on from the Lat-bomb phase of my smoking journey I’ve not been able to appreciate any English blends until this one. Perfectly balanced, just the right amount of Latakia and orientals to provide a symphony of flavors to explore even without much age on it. This is THE English blend that will be ever present in my rotation. I hardly ever leave reviews for products, but Jon David hit it out of the park with this one!

  9. Sean McCreless (verified owner)

    Shepherds Pie is better than expected. I cheated somewhat by putting my last FM Cellar stave block in a jar. It is good after a few days; similar to the Cellar. But, it doesn’t need it at all. We try to replace certain products with new choices. The fact is, many tobaccos are great, but in their own way. We have to be open minded and expand our taste. It is like our favorite food from some joint. We are upset when it is taken away. We get over it and find a new favorite, eventually. This is a great tobacco that will satisfy your craving for other brands of past days. ??

  10. JORDAN A BITZER (verified owner)

    My new favorite tobacco. Smooth, tasty and no bite.

  11. PT Daily

    Smoooooth! More often than not I reach for heavy English/Balkan blends. I would classify this as more of a mild/medium English, but it satisfied better than many of my go to blends. After the first bowl I immediately had to pack another. Not because it was lacking in any way but because it was so delicious and smooth. I can hardly keep my face out of the bag. Bravo Jon David and crew!

  12. Frank Hansen (verified owner)

    Wow I purchased a half pound and wish I got more excellent English tobacco, I never had any of the McCelland blend’s came back into pipe smoking after a long hiatus and missed sadly but I’m very pleased that I found out about this it has a sweetness without being too heavy absolutely wonderful tobacco I’ll be back for more

  13. Jim Young (verified owner)

    I was pretty bummed about Frog Morton’s Cellar going out of production because it was really the first blend I loved as a new pipe smoker, but I moved on. I tried a bunch of blends that were supposed to be a decent replacement and none of them were. I ended up trying some Shepherd’s Pie to kind of fill in, then someone sent me a little FMC and I got to try them back to back. I have to say that Shepherd’s Pie to me is easily just as good, if not a little better and readily available. An outstanding smoke.

  14. jctduncan21 (verified owner)

    I’ve tried 7-8 of Country Squire’s aromatic blends and 4 non aromatics. Shepherd’s Pie is my favorite of them all and the best tobacco I’ve ever had from anywhere, period. The tin note is absolutely stunning and the flavor is unsurpassed. My palate is still developing so I don’t know how to describe what I taste but all I know is it’s delicious. I was surprised at how naturally sweet it is. I usually get 2 oz of a blend to test but decided to go with a 4 oz bag when I ordered this one and very happy I did! I’ll treasure every bowl full.

  15. Raymond (verified owner)

    I never tried Frog Morton, but was a fan of other McClelland tobaccos. Shepherd’s Pie, on opening the package, struck me as a very strong tobacco by the scent. On lighting it up, it was a very smooth and tasty smoke. It burned very well and had surprisingly few relights. Very enjoyable.

  16. Ryan S Baker (verified owner)

    Shepherd’ Pie has become one of my all time favorite blends. Beautifully balanced and complex, I find it never fails to deliver the experience I’m looking for in a Balkan blend. The interplay between the incense-like Izmir and smoky Cyprian Latakia is the main theme. The burley and black Cavendish add some nice body and a silky mouth-feel. The Virginia seems to add just enough of a citrus high note to complement the pungent Izmir sour soda taste. If you like latakia blends that are naturally sweet, I highly recommend giving this one a try.

  17. Mark Mastrocinque (verified owner)

    Superb! No other words necessary.

  18. Bill Ricks

    I have not been disappointed with any of the Country Squire house blends I have tried so far. Shepherds pie is one of my favorites! I love the tin note and the room note is very nice. It burns to a gray ash all the way to the bottom of the bowl. Very few relights and is just smooth! I reach for this blend whenever I want to have a good long relaxing smoke while reading the Word of the Lord or a good book. Highly recommended!!!

  19. Benny W (verified owner)

    I enjoy smoking my pipe late in the evening before going to bed. When I smoked my first bowl of Shepherd’s Pie. I enjoyed it so much I did something I’ve never done before. I had to have a second bowl.

  20. cert_critter (verified owner)

    I am in love with this house blend. It is creamy lite english, with a touch of sweetness. The smoke has a great mouthfeel to it, and a flavor that lasts long after the bowl is done. This is an all-day kind of smoke.

  21. cert_critter (verified owner)

    Soooo… I just bought a pound of this amazing blend… I need more of this Blend in my life

  22. Richard C (verified owner)


  23. Marco Balderas (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic blend! Could easily be an all day smoke.

    I do wish it was stronger tasting, but that’s only because I have a very weak palette (my everyday is Nightcap BECAUSE it’s so strong).

    The lingering aftertaste is just delicious and lasts into the next day.

    Will definitely be buying more in bulk.

  24. The Alaskan Piper (verified owner)

    A most excellent blend and a new favorite, I’ll make sure I never run out of this one. A nice smooth and very flavorful blend. Don’t pass on it, it’s a must have in my book.

  25. Richard (verified owner)

    This is just good. I don’t know what else to say. Its the perfect balance for my taste. I love latakia and this has it. Everything it has, it has JUST the right amount to make me happy. Opening up the bag and giving it a whiff reminds me of sitting at a campfire in the middle of the woods. The flavor is great as well.

    Im not new to pipes, but Ive been away from them for a while and this blend made remember what I missed about pipe smoking.

  26. Noah Richardson

    When I first opened the bag my wife said, “That smells like a campfire” I guess that’s a good thing!
    Smoked in a La Savinelli Guibileo D’Oro
    Bag note for me, Spicy.
    40 minutes of soft, smooth, sweetness.
    An honest tobacco.

  27. Joseph (verified owner)

    This is an incredible blend. Smooth, earthy, exotic with a hint of sweetness. Slow burning, a real treat

  28. Joel Price (verified owner)

    I don’t know how Jon David does this! Shepherd’s Pie is full-bodied, it’s tasty, creamy, smoky, but not overly campfire-smoky. It’s subtly sweet…but just right. It is definitely a robust English blend, but the Orientals balance it out just perfectly. It’s not an aromatic, but my wife and kids all enjoy the room note. It’s so soft, yet full. It’s become my favorite English blends after just the first bowl. In fact…I immediately loaded another pipe-full. I couldn’t get enough!

    To help others – my all-day smoke is Early Morning Pipe or Chelsea Morning. I love Gaslight later in the day. My favorite aromatics are 7 Seas Original and Rattray’s Exotic Passion.

    That being stated, Shepherd’s Pie…with it’s seriously unique flavor profile…could satisfy my needs in any of those spots!

  29. Phil (verified owner)

    The 3/5 star rating I’m giving here is not meant to be negative in the very least as this is a good tobacco and every pipe smoking enthusiast should try this and be in your rotation somewhere. I have been wanting to order some of this for a while now (better part of 6 months). I am probably somewhere coming out of beginner to intermediate as far as my pipe smoking experience (6 years now). Two bowls in and honestly I could see this being an everyday and an all day smoke. The sweet overrides the depth of flavor ihmo but that shouldn’t deter one from smoking this. This blend reminds me a lot of Father Dempsey’s with a tad less depth. Again, this comparison is simply that. This blend smokes on its own merits just fine, so much so, I am pretty glad I ordered the 4 oz. This will be my everyday smoke and in-between when my supply of the good father runs low. Never tried the frog as I started pipe smoking when mcclellands closed so I cannot compare this tobacco to that, although if this blend was anything like the Frog Morton blends, then I could see why those blends were so loved. Thumbs up to Shepard’s Pie.

  30. Christopher Blake (verified owner)

    First, let me say that this is a smooth, easy to smoke blend. I could easily see it being the perfect blend for an aromatic smoker who is looking to try their first English blend. It won’t burn hot and it will not bite.

    That being said, I personally found this blend a little underwhelming. The flavor just didn’t come through for me.

    I tried it out of several different briars, even tried it in a couple meerschaum pipes, but it was just an average blend to me as far as the flavor was concerned.

    I absolutely love Bag End and Bowser’s Castle. The flavors of those blends are to be sipped and savored.

    Cornishman is a perfect all day English and Green Dragon is a great first pipe of the day smoke because of it’s delicious sweetness, but I just couldn’t get the flavor of Shepherd’s Pie to come through like I wanted it to.

    3 out of 5 for this blend…

  31. Tex (verified owner)

    I’ve only been smoking a few years, but in that time, a good friend recommended to me a match blend called daybreak.

    Daybreak was supposed to take the place of no longer available Dunhill early morning pipe.

    So, when I got shepherds pie, I wasn’t expecting it to be so similar, but it is. For those of you who miss early morning pipe, you will love this blend.

    This is very full and flavored, but not overwhelming. You will not go wrong if you try a few ounces of shepherds pie.

  32. Christopher Blake (verified owner)

    Ok, tried this blend for the first time a month ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but felt it lacked the flavor of a bold English blend. But after finishing my sample, I found myself coming home every day and wishing I had more of it.

    I guess I gave it an average rating because I was comparing it to blends like Northwoods, Bag End, Bowser’s Castle, Star of the East, and Nightcap.

    But while those blends are enjoyed maybe once or twice a day, Shepherd’s Pie is the perfect all-day English blend. You could smoke 10 bowls a day and never get tired of it, and never have any tongue bite whatsoever. And that is why I wanted to review it again and give it a full five star review.

    Bag note is just heavenly. My wife says it smells great when I’m smoking it. The flavor is on the mild side, but it is very complex if you sit and pay attention to it, the smoothness and creaminess of it is second to none and the flavor actually just gets smokier and creamier the entire time you are enjoying your bowl.

    It lights easy, it smokes easy, it will probably be my all day smoke from now on. I enjoy Countryside or Titus as an all day English, and Shepherd’s Pie is better than those blends in every way.

    This is a great all-day smoke in my opinion, and it is far from average, it is close to perfection.

  33. Zack (verified owner)

    This was such a surprisingly great blend. It smokes at first with a sweet, Smokey flavor with the oriental taste in the back, yet predominant. Then only a few minutes of warming up, it becomes perfectly balanced with the campfire Smokey English flavors and the sweet, incense flavors of the orientals. It is smooth, mild, not overpowering, yet not at all boring. Highly recommend this blend to anyone who enjoys English/oriental style blends. Would also be a great introduction to these for someone who has not yet ventured into such blends.

  34. Cameron (verified owner)

    This was a recommendation from The Spurgeon Piper on YouTube. This was my first time trying an English Blend. Man was I impressed. This blend is full of flavor, and complexity. Its got a nice sweetness that’s subtle while having a nice smokiness, and spice to it that complements the whole package. It’s easy to smoke, and is extremely enjoyable. Doesn’t burn hot, and is very mellow overall.
    Would recommend highly.
    Very impressed with The Country Squire. These people know what they are doing!

  35. Daniel K. (verified owner)

    Hear ye hear ye….I do hereby declare and do solemnly swear that Shepherd’s Pie has the best room note of any traditional English blend on the market. And it somehow achieves this without sacrificing any of the latakia-forward flavor that one expects from such a blend.

  36. Tex (verified owner)

    A friend send me an ounce of FMC. This is really close. Gonna try some Northwoods next. Really great blend and yes FMC replacement

  37. themadhatterteareview (verified owner)

    I spent nearly an hour with this bowl a couple weeks ago (catching up on my notes). My dad sat with me as I smoked. He said this smelled like the tobacco his grandpa smoked. There were notes of “pepper” along the way and I noted that the mouthfeel was thick like mashed potatoes. Haha. I’d imagine a hobbit finding this to be delightful.

  38. Elijah

    Hard to describe this blend. It’s spicy and smokey and very tasty. The orientals are very unique and flavorful. I notice them more than the latakia. I don’t smoke a lot of english but I have gone through an ounce of this uncharacteristically fast.

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