Bill’s Blend (Creamy Vanilla)

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The private blend of our late friend Bill Rutledge, now on the shelf as a permanent part of our lineup.  Bill was a fixture at The Country Squire for years and epitomized who we strive to be each day:  sophisticated, patient, welcoming, and kind.  He was always here to greet guests or to recommend tobaccos to new pipe smokers.  He was sharp, quirky, and hilarious–and he was ours.

Bill’s Blend is a sweet aromatic featuring confectionary notes of vanilla and marshmallow.  The room note is superb and will be a  treat for your companions.  Soft and creamy, this tobacco is easy to keep lit and gentle on the palate.  A true smoker-friendly, aromatic gem.

Bill’s Blend has been a popular choice at The Squire for years as people would come in, smell Bill’s pipe and ask for “whatever tobacco that guy is smoking”.  We invite you to honor him with us while enjoying this excellent custom blend.


Bill’s Blend (Creamy Vanilla)

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9 reviews for Bill’s Blend (Creamy Vanilla)

  1. Zach (verified owner)

    A very nice, not overly sweet aromatic! The first thing you notice is a nice toasted marshmallow flavor that gives way to a perfectly applied vanilla topping. IMO this is one of the better vanilla blends out there. The marshmallow aspect really sets it apart from other vanilla blends.

  2. Tex Fitzpatrick

    An unexpected but of typical CS excellence.

  3. tayman.smith1 (verified owner)

    There aren’t a lot of reviews on Bill‘s blend but I figured it had to be special since not just anyone gets a blend named after them. So I got myself an ounce to try and I was pleasantly surprised. The description is spot on, a delicate, creamy vanilla that just hits the spot. There really is almost a toasted marshmallow finish that rolls off the tongue nicely and isn’t overly sweet. A wonderful blend to sit down and relax with. Well done Country Squire.

  4. chamberlaindavidd (verified owner)

    I find this one rather boring at first and wasn’t very into it but after putting it in a jar for a few weeks and drying it out almost a week. The flavors started to show. Very subtle smooth vanilla makes for a incredibly mellow smoke that I can imagine would be perfect for beginners.

  5. GW Lee (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness!!! This one is FANTASTIC!!!! Totally hits it out of the park!!! Really nice smoke, down to the bottom of the bowl. Fine ash at the end of the smole and no dottle common with blends from other locations/companies. Will definitely will be getting more of this after the first of the year.

  6. Nick (verified owner)

    Just trying my first 2 ounce and I have to say This is definitely an all day smoke! – wonderfully balanced and easy to smoke – my wife even loves the smell in the room when it’s lit – between this and old toby I have my 2 go too blends for sure – thanks squire team

  7. Bill Horton

    I dropped into the shop Saturday from Slidell and the shop recommended I try some. VERY tasty and I ended up getting some to take with. Very nice to relax by the pool! Thank you for having an awesome shop and a so many great in-house blends.

  8. Taylor S (verified owner)

    I had to come back and write a 2nd review because this is just really wonderful stuff, and is easily my favorite smoke. This is the most flavorful yet gentle vanilla/toasted marshmallow blend I’ve ever had. A nice thick smoke that just rolls off the tongue and doesn’t bite at all. A very nice treat to just sit down and relax with. I’ve had it in a jar for 6 months now and it’s still a perfect moisture and is just as delicious as the day I bought it. I hope this blend sticks around for a while.

  9. BrookD (verified owner)

    I thought i had my vanilla in sutliff’s vanilla custard, however, this blend goes toe to toe. Much less goopy than VC, burns much easier and cleaner, and the addition of the marshmallow notes is just fantastic. This blend is the most consistently burning I’ve ever experienced. No re-lights needed. You also get more of the natural tobacco flavor, however, it is just so united with the aromatic flavors/notes that it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. I can’t recommend this enough.

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