Figgy Pudding (Holiday Blend 2023)

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Limited Edition- Christmas Tobacco Blend:
Figgy Pudding is a full-bodied aromatic that will please those with a sweet tooth, as well as those non-aromatic smokers who enjoy an occasional treat. Subtly flavored black cavendish pairs with a variety of Virginia and Burley tobaccos to create this one-of-a-kind Christmas smoke!


Bag Note: Creamy Chocolate, Almond, Nut Meg, Dates
Room Note: Freshly Bake Pound Cake, Nutty. Cocoa
Tasting Notes: Sugary, Chocolate, Pecan, Citrus, Grassy/Earthy, Dark Fruit, Slight Mint.
This year’s offering comes in 2 oz. units that are hand-weighed by the ounce, stored in our quality 4-mil pouches to ensure freshness, and adorned with our famous Country Squire Label.


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Figgy Pudding (Holiday Blend 2023)

Weight 2.5 oz

2 Ounces

20 reviews for Figgy Pudding (Holiday Blend 2023)

  1. The Country Squire

    Just tried my first bowl and was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Nice tobacco for someone that doesn’t smoke many aros

  2. Michael Eakins (verified owner)

    Outstanding tobacco. I rarely smoke aromatics but this was a treat from opening, to packing, and to smoking. Highly recommended!!

  3. Preacher Pipeweed

    A wonderful, subtle, light, enjoyable smoke. I find myself drawn mostly to English or heavier tobaccos, but occassionally like a mild aromatic. With few exceptions, I avoid the aromatics that are overwhelming in fake flavoring (heavy cherry, loaded vanilla, etc). Yet, the aromatics offer a pleasing room note that is hard to beat. This is why I was so pleased when I smoked my first bowl of Figgy Pudding. It’s light and subtle. Nothing in particular overwhelms. The aromatic additives don’t overwhelm the natural tobacco flavor, but they soften it and add complexity. This is a great entry level tobacco because it is so subtle, but also one that seasoned pipe smokers would enjoy due to its complexity.

  4. Jason Jones (verified owner)

    This is a really good aro!! Smoked out of a billiard very nicely. Not moist whatsoever but perfect right out of the bag. Had no problems keeping it lit. Very tasty. I will be ordering more. Very nice flavor and not overwhelming at all. Perfect!!

  5. Jim Young (verified owner)

    If like me you are looking for an aromatic blend that you DON’T hate, look no further. This is one of the best aromatic blends I’ve ever had. Absolutely delicious. Rich flavor. Amazing smell. I want to eat this stuff.

  6. Jim Young (verified owner)

    So after smoking pipes for a while, I thought I’d try to see if I could find an aromatic that actually tasted good. I really don’t like aromatics. Many seem like goopy hot air to me. I’d rather have a nice English or Vaper. Anyways, Figgy Pudding was suggested to me and was the first Squire blend I tried. I’m a fan for life now. Figgy Pudding is an excellent blend. I don’t like aromatics. I love this one. Figgy and perhaps Rattray Exotic Orange are the best aromatics I’ve ever had. I only wish I had bought more than 2 oz of Figgy Pudding. I don’t know how I’m going to last a year with the one oz I have left. I’m going through the other Squire aros now to see if something else is as good.

  7. geoffrey.w.corey (verified owner)

    Got hooked last year! This is my go to holiday blend. An absolute pleasure to smoke by the tree and fire.

  8. Bob Cuccaro (verified owner)

    Ordered this last year and tried one ounce. I will be back every year for the seasonal order! Nice subtle sweetness and not overpowering.

  9. Sam McDuffie (verified owner)

    Just lit my first bowl of figgy pudding. WOW! This blend is amazing. Has many stages of taste, each is just different enough. Bravo!

  10. J Gary Sutton (verified owner)

    This Christmas blend is some of the most beguiling and pleasant pipe tobacco that I ever have tried. I would purchase it year round let alone around the Holidays. Well done, Country Squire.

  11. William Lee (verified owner)

    I like all types of pipe tobaccos. Straight Va, VaPer, Aros, English, Balkans, etc.. That said, I certainly don’t like all blends. There are several that I do like, but precious few that I love.

    That number just grew by one – and it’s an aro at that!

    I tend towards English/Balkan blends. When I feel like a break I hit Va/VaPer blends. Occasionally, *occasionally*, I throw in an aro. This time it was Figgy Pudding.

    Figgy Pudding may well be the perfect aro. I can taste all the tobacco with just the right amount of the tastiest topping that I’ve encountered. And, unusually, it burns well, without goop, and without scorching my long-suffering tongue.

    Usually with aros I buy one tin or a 2 oz. bag and don’t reorder. I just move on to the next one. After two bowls of Figgy Pudding I ordered 10 oz., and I’m thinking I may be light at that.

    Highly recommended.

  12. Tex (verified owner)

    I like the Cordial Friends better with these two Christmas blends but this blend doesn’t take a back seat to many others.

    I’ll be grabbing 4oz of each next fall if offered again. 2oz servings not enough!

  13. Tex Fitzpatrick

    How absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    So glad to have this back. I lied in my last review. I bought 8 oz of each this time, it four.

    When it comes back in stock, get your order in.

  14. Noah Richardson (verified owner)

    When you first inhale you’ll be hit with a cocoa/coconut smell. After each sip the prevailing cocoa/coconut remains. No disappoints with this festive smoke.

  15. Steven Stewart (verified owner)

    Smoked my first bowl this afternoon. I am an aro guy and this stuff is nice. A nice sweet touch on the tip of the tongue followed by a subtle richness that stays with you. I will be ordering more, give it a try you wont be disappointed.

  16. GW Lee (verified owner)

    Last year I was in love with Cordial Friends, this year it is Figgy Pudding!!! What a FANTASTIC smoke!!! Has all the right parts at all the right times. Hope to get some more in the near future. I am so in love with this blend.

  17. (verified owner)

    I have to admit that when I first tried this I was a bit… underwhelmed. I kept going back to it though because I really WANTED this to be good. I found though that after a bit of aging this stuff is wonderful! It’s something that I think would appeal to fans of aromatics AND those who don’t normally care for them. The aromatic tasting notes are perfect for the holiday- chocolate and toffee and a cherry or even fig like flavor- backed by that lovely cavendish and Virginia. I love this.

  18. cbone97 (verified owner)

    Might be the perfect aromatic for anyone who enjoys the smell and taste of a warm coconut cream pie even half as much as I do. In my Nording churchwarden, this practically smokes itself, producing profuse billows of smoke with no goop or gurgle after letting it dry for maybe 30 minutes. Room note is as coconutty as the flavor, and Figgy Pudding delivers both to the bottom of the bowl without being overly sweet or at all syrupy, and gives zero suggestion of anything artificial. Creamy, rich mouthfeel, no bite whatsoever. It’s sooo good, and I’ll kick myself for not ordering more this Christmas season after my 2 oz. sample is gone.

  19. Carolina Piper (verified owner)

    WOW! This is the best Christmas Blend that I have tried. I ordered 4 oz to test it out, but after two bowls I placed a bigger order. This blend was done perfectly. It taste and smells like a Christmas Dessert. I can’t wait to smoke this one around the folks this Holiday Season.

  20. mreagle228 (verified owner)

    Merry Christmas To All!
    Just got my Figgy Pudding Delivery. Officially beginning the holiday season. I immediately smelled its beautiful aroma. Perfect room notes (chocolate and fruity). Please enjoy some, it’s absolutely wonderful !!! JD and Staff are wonderful, knowledgeable and extremely helpful.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year 2024.
    Now to enjoy the rest of this beautiful blend.

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