Cowboy Coffee (Virginia-Kentucky)

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COWBOY UP!  Intriguing Virginias, smoky Dark Fired Kentucky, and a splash of mild Cavendish make this delicious tobacco a strong eye-opener!  Smoky, earthy, and great for breakfast, this blend will put a pep in your step as you break camp, saddle up, and set forth about your day.




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Cowboy Coffee (Virginia-Kentucky)

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23 reviews for Cowboy Coffee (Virginia-Kentucky)

  1. Rod Millee

    I have tried alot of blends in the last 50 years and this is by leaps and bounds the best ever. Smooth yet strong and rich in flavor with zero bite. The only reason I would smoke any other blend is to remind myself just how good this blend is.

  2. Steven (verified owner)

    Amazing taste from start to finish. Very pleasant tobacco taste, smokey and bold but smooth and strong enough to satisfy that itch for a higher octane like my favorite “bold kentucky” tobacco but a medium/high version of it. I almost get hints of cocoa/caramel, maybe a faint hit of coffee here and there like a slightly sweetened coffee. I’m still learning how to describe what I’m tasting with it but there’s more to it but it’s simple yet mysterious in its flavors. Definitely pairs well with the morning cup as I’m doing now. I’ve been smoking the 1 Oz sample I just got 2 days ago and my jar is,…half full. Payday is next week so there is no half empty jars nonsense.

    Fantastic blend with its intriguing flavors. From 1st light I knew I’ve found my go to tobacco. Can’t stop smoking it enough to enjoy my other two samples. Bag End & Old Toby which they too are great. I appreciated the hand written note and yes I’ve really enjoyed it as the note read. Well done Country Squire folks and thanks for the great service.

  3. Joel C. Brothers (verified owner)

    I don’t normally care for blends with Dark Fire . I find them a bit harsh on the palate. However, this blend has turned me. The Dark Fire is added in a very small amount, just enough for a wonderful smokey flavor, but different than Latakia…more like smoked bacon. It blends very nicely with the Virginia, which I think may be Yellow Virginia, or maybe both Red and Yellow, with just enough sweetness, and a slight hay-like overtone.. The Cavendish seems to bring it all together, and tame it a bit, for a full-bodied, yet smooth, sweetish smokey smoke. No bite, and no nicotine buzz. This is an outstanding blend. It actually reminds me a bit of Havana Honeys cigars.

  4. Randy Robison (verified owner)

    Holys*”*t, just got 2 oz. This is one of the best new all day smoke’s I have had. The note in the box said it would be. So I broke out my corn cob and fill the bowl.
    By this evening smoked almost all two ounces. So smooth and no bite just sweet savor at first I thought it might be a little bit of hint of cinnamon not sure , maybe just the Sweet Virginia tobacco’s as the day went on I wasn’t sure what the taste were all I can tell you is my pallets not that developed but I can tell you this is one good smoke you give yourself treat and just try some. See what you think. Just ordered A wonderful 1 lbs of cowboys coffee.?

  5. Christopher Orth

    Fantastic stuff! I got this in my order with a few other blends and this one is by far my favorite. It smells amazing and is a great smoke.. Don’t order without putting this one in your shopping cart as well.

  6. Gene Bowker (verified owner)

    I was kind of cautious of this one because of the dark fired. However, the blend is perfect and the fire cured is blended perfect with the Virginias. I love the flavor of this one and can see it being in my rotation from now on. Well Done.

  7. Colton Yarbro (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 ounces of this to try at first. Wonderful sweet and smoky combination. My wife actually likes the aroma of it too! After several bowls I ordered a half pound. Probably my new Virginia and dark fired blend. Give it a try!

  8. Justin joyner (verified owner)

    I was worried about the “dark-fired” and all but after trying Green Dragon as my first non-aromatic and reading the reviews here I wanted to try it!

    Don’t be afraid! Cowboy Coffee is only mildly smoky, rich and just a tad of sweetness. It’ll a nice pep in your step. Definitely a wake up tobacco. Try an ounce—It will give you cautious aromatic pipers something to consider.

  9. Gene Bowker (verified owner)

    This one has become my morning smoke since getting my first bag from The Squire. I have never had a bad blend from the Squire, but this might honestly be my new favorite.

    It’s a spicy mix of flavors which I feel is led by the Kentucky component which carries this blend. There is some sweetness on top which I’m guessing is the cavendish.

    It goes great with my morning cup of coffee, it goes great with some bourbon in the evening.

    Recently I used a noodle press to compress this down into a crumble cake. The flavors are even more intense now and I just break off a chunk when I’m ready to smoke.

  10. Mitchell Gordon (verified owner)

    Funny, I came across the Country Squire when listening to a recent PipeMag podcast (which led to Country Squire Radio Podcast as well). So I had to see what it was all about. Perused the website and selected 6 1oz samples I thought I might like. Only tried 2 so far, Kingsfoil and Cowboy Coffee. Both tasted great, but Cowboy Coffee really shined for me. There has got to really be coffee in this blend, because I am an avid coffee drinker, and this smoke hit my palate like a cup of joe. Smooth, lightly sweet, with a medium smoky flavor. Great stuff. Keep up the good work with the blends and the podcast.

  11. Chris Z (verified owner)

    Love this blend, especially after it’s had time to mature. After falling in love with the “Green Dragon” I thought I’d try another non-aromatic blend from country squire and this one is fantastic. Really rich smell of a dark burley mixed with the tang of light virginia. I smoked Balishag cigarettes for a very long time (quit 5 or 7 years ago) and the company completely got bought out and changed it’s blend in 2018. This is the first pipe blend I’ve come across that has that same wonderful dark and light mixture coming so close. I thought “bag-end” was close to that mix, but the Latakia over powers it, this is wonderful. Grab some and try it out you won’t be bummed.

  12. Jason W. (verified owner)

    I’m hooked on this blend. I ordered 2 oz with another order to try it and I smoked it in no time. I kept thinking about it and craving that sweet smoky flavor. Just ordered a half pound. This will be my new all day smoke for sure. Keep up the great blending JD! (Big fan of the podcast!)

  13. Nathan Murton (verified owner)

    Folks, this is simply an amazing blend. I used to bounce between Early Morning Pipe and Skiff Mixture for my coffee accompanied morning smokes. Those always left me feeling less than satisfied, not completely enjoying that little sour spice from the orientals. Enter Cowboy Coffee. Once I’m through the tins of Skiff and EMP, I’ll never likely buy them again. Cowboy Coffee is that satisfying. It has a beautiful sweetness with the virginias and the little bit of cavendish. It is balanced exquisitely with the smoky kentucky, but is not overbearing. The taste just simply doesn’t dull and just delights you with every pull. While I like the flavor of Green Dragon more (and perhaps Shepherd’s Pie and Baker Street), I can say that this blend is the most fulfilling blend.

  14. Noah Richardson (verified owner)

    I’m not sure why I’m smelling Wild Country Colone but on the retrohale? No I don’t wear this colone. That’s not bad either!
    I tasted a hint of cocoa?
    It is a little sweet
    It has a spicy aroma and n exhale

  15. Rob P

    Visited the Squire for the first time this past weekend. A couple of buddies of mine had been raving about all their blends. As English lovers they favor the Shepherds pie above all, but of the 7 blends I picked up samples of, this is the one for me. It smokes much more complex than its simple 3 ingredient list would have you believe. The Virginia pairs so well with the dark fired that it really creates a somewhat cinnamon and coffee flavor. The cavendish rounds it all out. Man what a treat!

    Smokes cool even when I can’t slow down because of how good it is. Sweet and savory all at once. I will absolutely be ordering a half pound of this sweet and spicy mix with my next purchase.

    So good that I had to come and leave a review. Seriously this blend is unique and I just can’t recommend it enough. Similar to Russ Ouellette’s Fire Storm but without the perique I guess. A true 5/5 blend for taste, mouthfeel, and all-day smokability.

  16. gpgarrison (verified owner)

    Love at first smoke. I’ve been trying to branch out from aromatics but I haven’t found anything that I’ve liked, until now. It’s so smooth and burns wonderfully. I’ll be ordering more.

  17. David Mandelstamm

    I just moved to Oxford, MS a little under a year ago. Well… There’s a tobacco shop just adjacent to the downtown square. And would you believe, they carry County Squire tobaccos in bulk? However, it wasn’t until this week that I decided to give them a try. So I got myself a couple ounces each of Shepard’s Pie AND Cowboy Coffee… very different from each other, but both decidedly winners!

    Like some of the other reviewers, I was on my guard with the KY dark fired. But it’s a darned good blend and very balanced. Thankfully, the dark fired does not overpower. The owner of the tobacco store initially thought that Cowboy Coffee was an aromatic. But it’s not listed as such… and it isn’t. There’s some sweetness present, and maybe a mild topping, but this is NOT an aromatic. That’s good, because I generally shy away from aromatics!

  18. Tombstone Smoker

    This blend rips.

    One good bowl with VA technique and you’re hooked.

    The only thing left to do is order pounds, age them, and smoke them.


  19. Cole Heatherly (verified owner)

    Typically I order samples before committing to a bulk order, but I’m glad that I went ahead and ordered a half pound of this tobacco. This is going to be my go to blend, and I will definitely be ordering this by the pound!

  20. Jason Harris – Texas (verified owner)

    Outstanding blend! I’m not usually a fan of those stout, dark-fired Kentucky’s, but this blend from the Country Squire has a unique balance for an extra pleasurable all-day, everyday smoke.

  21. Michael Spawn (verified owner)

    WOW! This is a delicious blend. I hope it is permanent addition to the Country Squire line.

  22. Vinny (verified owner)

    This is really good blend. The tastes of sweetness and that small smoky flavor that reminds of good dark roasted coffee. It really helps start the day off well. Is a great all day. No bite. Stays lit. Load and light user friendly

  23. Christopher Blake (verified owner)

    Straightforward, good smoking blend. Flavors get better and blend very well as the bowl progresses.

    Burns well to the very end of the bowl with no bite.

    Very satisfying blend for me in a Sav 673 KS . Five stars!!!!!

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